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The Columbus Coffee Difference

Why is the Columbus Coffee Company Coffee So Good?

We Cold Brew Our Coffee.

How is Cold Brew Coffee Made?

Using coarsely ground Stauf's coffee beans, our cold brew coffee is steeped for 16-hours.

Why is Cold Brew Different?

Brewing with cold water creates a less bitter and acidic tasting coffee. Cold brew is NOT iced coffee, which is just cold drip coffee.

Is Cold Brew Stronger?

Any coffee drip, espresso and cold brew can have varying amounts of caffeine. In general, cold brew has about the same or maybe just a bit more than an average cup of coffee.

A Cold Brew Latte?

We use cold brew in some of our lattes, hot and cold. When used in a latte cold brew provides a smooth and creamy base for the flavors to shine without the bitterness.

Quality Ingredients


We choose high quality ingredients from our locally roasted Stauf’s coffee to our real fruit smoothies. As a local family-owned business, we serve our friends and neighbors and want to ensure that we provide the best.

MILK ALTERNATIVES: We always carry Oat and Almond milks.

SUGAR-FREE: The trucks always have sugar-free caramel and vanilla and at least one seasonal sugar-free flavor. 

DAIRY-FREE: Our smoothies are always dairy-free.

NATURAL FLAVORS: We have natural flavor and dye-free options for our shaved ice and coffee syrups. 

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