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Are There Health Benefits of Cold Brew?

Is Cold Brewing Better?

We prepare our cold brew coffee by steeping coarsely ground Stauf’s coffee beans in cold water for 16 hours. Unlike hot brewing, cold brew coffee relies on time rather than heat to extract the coffee flavor. The key difference lies in the brewing method, not in how the coffee is served.

Health Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee:

Less Acidic:

Using hot water to brew coffee leads to a higher acidity level, which can result in stomach discomfort. Cold brew, on the other hand, contains over 60% less acid than conventionally brewed coffee.

Less Bitter:

Many people prefer adding creamer to their coffee to mask the bitter taste commonly found in hot brews. Cold brew coffee offers a smoother flavor profile, often requiring less creamer and sugar.

Can Cold Brew Coffee Be Served Hot?

Absolutely! This is what sets our coffee apart! After the brewing process, we heat our cold brew, providing you with the option to enjoy your smooth cup of cold brew as a hot beverage.

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